Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dec 4 2006

Didnt go to Chicago for TG. Prices too high to buy at the last moment. But did get some clothes, dvd player and phone..

Comp busted on TG eve.. and though i had ordered for the power adapter using UPS 2nd day.. it didnt arrive till 4 days after TG.. and worse.. they shipped the wrong one. My comp needs a 90 W adapter and they sent me a 60 W. But they were nice enough to send me a 90W overnight though. Need to return the 60 W now.. All my movie plans during TG went to the drain thanks to my comp going into a coma.. Those are traumatic times when your most loved and faithful comp dies on you with no fore warning..Anyways.. all settled for the time being.

Been playing basky for the last 2 days and I majorly suck in the game. Need to work on those strategies.

Going to cal between 19 and 22.. Leaving to India on the 24th.. lots of shopping to do.

Security project needs to be started soon else major cup wonly.

Demo time again at Med school.

Research is stagnating...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

29 October 2006

Pretty painful week to say the least...
- Finished.. or rather submitted my security project. no clue on what grade thats going to fetch me..
- Missed out Prestige even after going out to the theatre becoz someone was too slow to walk.. arghh.... For a 1015 show, all except one were waiting in the parking lot till 1010.. and by the time we reached, all tickets were sold out for a half empty theatre.. wierd yet annoying..:-(
- Got to start glomosim coding..
- Need to work on traumapod this week.
- Defly planning to watch prestige by this week.. Will see how that goes..
- Need to decide on TG plan to chicago.. Too many variables right now to decide on.
- Got to get a cooler for my super heating laptop.

Friday, October 06, 2006

October 5

-Last three days been at the Med school setting up the demo. But alas, the tv crew didnt find our demo good enough for them to shoot i guess :-(
-Got to start searching project ideas for security. The midterm is around the corner too. Got to start muggging for that now.
-The weather is getting cold again.. and i am hating it.
-Got the two chargers from amazon.. look nice..
-Need to get back to my research.. better do something before I go india.
-Got to start security project.looks scary to me..:-(

Monday, September 25, 2006

25 September

-Washington trip with LS and junta from UMCP. Nice time :-)
-Ordered battery chargers.
-Havent got my security book yet :-(
-No idea of how I am going pass security this time..:-(
-Installed Xine and other kewl stuff.. again!!!
-Missed Sudha Raghunathan Kutcheri.. Had to come to lab for some work :-(
-Looks like CEG's kurukshetra is going to start.. finally...
-Research still at ZERO
-Spoke to Dodo before she left back to Hyderabad..
-Working on Demo for tomorrow.Lets hope it works out this time.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

20 September

- Screwed up screen resolution in FC5. Had to reinstall entire distro from scratch:-(
-Installed ndiswrapper. Wireless card was working only for 2 minutes and then would not work. I still had an IP, but couldnt connect to the internet. Was pretty confused. Killed dhclient and restarted dhclient. Works like a charm now. Not sure what is happening, but happy as long as it works :-)
- Went to Rajesh B'Day treat. was pretty fun, me being the 'bridge' between the V and NV:-)
-Just gulped down a plate full of awesome paayasam from chechi.
-Installing random linux software. Hope i dont screw up this time.
-No where near starting real work though :-(

Monday, September 18, 2006

Quick Updates on what has happened in the near past

-Finished internship at Virginia.. Nice experience. Had Great fun :-)
-Moved to new house, but in the same old darn 'wasteland' gardens. Was pretty hectic.
-Volunteered at Securecomm 2006. Nice experience. Met a couple of 'researchers' and got first hand experience of attending a conference. No paper yet :-(
-Taking two courses this sem. Pretty afraid of security class. Got to start mugging soon.
-Passed Phd Portfolio.:-)
-Going to India from dec 24 to Jan 29..Yipeee :-)
-Got to start work towards getting a publication..
-Sriram LS coming over the weekend..nice fun expected..
-Spent around 4 hours configuring my vimrc to set syntax highlighting for glomosim code. Going nowhere with regards to coding though:-(
-I have no .emacs in my home directory.
-Came across a wiki entry for FC5 . Most useful till now.
-Thinking about writing something that will aggregate all my scribblings for the day and post it to blogger at midnight.. Reserved for later.
-Still cant get raaga work on my linux firefox.
-Looks like getting raaga work on linux firefox isnt that simple. Got fundaes from here

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The not so silent reflections

I was at my office, where in the name of an internship, I have been rather passing time to the extent that i can feel time coming back to where it started, when I, like any other sincere intern switched to google mode.. Google news being my first stop.. and thats when my heart went pounding...
Seven blasts rock Bombay..
No.. this post aint abt the blasts.. if you are looking for that, I am sure there a lot of news sites all around, happy to satisfy ur hunger to the galore.
Mumbai will not shake..The never-say-die attitude of Mumbai will triumph.. thats what all and sundry had to say..Well.. does Mumbai have a choice.. It cant shake, lest the world come to a halt. But my arguement is.. if the world knows Mumbai wont succumb to such cowardly acts, why do those asses plant these bombs in our great city?? Is it just to create terror and bring in fear?? Looks more like a plausible answer.. and how do we treat these menaces.. Hamurabi has the answer.. a tooth for a tooth.. Fear for fear... Our country needs to instill fear in the minds of these perpetrators.. cowards that they are anyway. And how do we do that... Look at Israel and the answer unfurls smoothly.. Anybody whos seen the movie munich can pretty much visualise how the israelis nabbed the killers.. we need something of that sort.. SOmething by which these mercenaries, veiled by cowardice, shall tremble at the very thought.. No.. this is not violence. This is just a big nation warning its fiends.. "Dont mess with us"..

And what is most saddening is when the GOI takes a soft stand on these issues, as is going to happen this time too.. Commissions will be set up, which should rather be omissions in the history of this great country. But on the bright side, the average Mumbaikar did rise up to the event.. Ye world ... heed this.. Mumbai might be the rudest city..yet its the most humanest too.. Contradictory?? Aint life just full of contradictions?? Kudos to the Mumbaiwalas who showed who is boss when it mattered the most!!!!!

And yeah.. the Mumbai Bloggers too swung into action soon enough.. Check out for traffic updates, nearest shelter and hospitals.. Great thought guys ...